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Meet the Woman Who Helped Develop the GlideWELLness Center and Gym GlideWELL

Featuring Christina Scofield

Twelve years ago, Christina Scofield was working as a dental assistant when the owner of the practice wanted to scale down and cut hours. Needing to pay her college tuition, Christina decided to apply for an open position at Glidewell Dental, the lab her employer used. Shortly thereafter, she began working for the company in customer service.

Christina’s days were long, but she was dedicated to completing her bachelor’s degree from Cal State Fullerton in health promotion and disease prevention, while working a full-time job. From 5 a.m. to 2 p.m., Christina worked at Glidewell. When her shift ended, she spent the remaining hours of the day taking courses and studying.
Whether it was fate or being at the right place at the right time, Christina happened to be at work when a coworker fell down the stairs. From her education, she knew they needed to report the injury to the human resources department, which she assisted her friend with.

“The HR representative taking care of the situation commented on my depth of knowledge on wellness and safety. I explained that I was majoring in this field, which is why I knew so much,” she explains.

Opening the GlideWELLness Center and Gym GlideWELL

Following the meeting with the department, Christina applied for a safety administrator position. After she spent a few years working in the HR department with a focus on safety, workers’ compensation and benefits, the company decided to split the department up, and a new wellness department was created.

Gym GlideWELL

Christina was asked to be a part of the new team, and she played a large role in launching an onsite gym and health center. For two years, she worked closely with her mentor, Stephenie Goddard, former vice president of HR and current executive vice president, to bring the company’s vision to life.

The two went across the country to research health clinics at companies like Dell and Hobby Lobby to see how other businesses operated similar programs.

“No clinic we toured or interviewed was like what Glidewell wanted to do. We were really pioneers for onsite wellness clinics,” she says.

Eventually, a building onsite at Glidewell was vacated, which meant Christina and her team could start building the new gym and wellness center. They knocked down office walls, consulted with an architect, and worked with interior designers to bring the company’s vision to life.

“We worked for a full year nonstop, hiring fitness instructors, developing programs and classes, purchasing equipment, finding the best medical providers, and really implementing two full businesses at the same time. It was so rewarding to see all our hard work come to fruition on opening day,” she says.

Finding the Perfect Balance of Employee Care

As a wellness coordinator, and later health and wellness manager, Christina wanted to be conscientious of Glidewell employees’ cultural and ethnic diversity. One of her main priorities was to include treatment options that intersected between Eastern and Western medicine.

Wellness Center

“In our health center, every staff member is bilingual. Collectively, we speak Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Farsi and Italian. Making sure the provider understands and is sensitive to different cultural beliefs is very important. It’s not just about treating the disease — it’s about treating the person,” Christina says.

Some of the unique services the wellness center offers are:

    • Acupuncture/acupressure
    • Herbal treatment
    • Massage therapy
    • Physical therapy, including: postural assessments, personalized exercise plans, treatment for sports or personal injuries
    • Counseling services for: anxiety, depression, grief/loss, sleep difficulties, healthy coping skills
    • Smoking cessation programs
    • Free annual preventative health screenings
    • Weight management programs

“We want to make sure our employees’ health and well-being are taken care of, and that they can afford their health care. Healthy employees are happy employees. When you have happy employees coming to work, they are more productive and have a better overall quality of life,” she explains.

Making a Difference

Christina and her team are constantly thinking about how to develop new programs, deliver education, and create fun and engaging ways for employees to get involved in maintaining their health and wellness.

Her passion for helping others and her genuine care for people shows in all of her actions. She’s specifically designed services to help employees in as many ways as possible, whether it’s through creating hours of operation to fit employees’ schedules, cutting co-payments in half, creating fitness challenges to help employees reach their goals, holding monthly “Lunch ‘N’ Learn” events, or hosting onsite mammograms or flu shots.

“It’s about building relationships with people and getting to know them. We spend nine hours a day at work. Our employees need to know they are supported mentally, physically and spiritually. Even if you only make a difference in one person’s life, you still made a difference,” she adds.

The GlideWELLness Center and Gym GlideWELL will be celebrating six years of service this summer. While Christina is certainly not a person who rests on her accomplishments, she’s proud of building these two projects from the ground up. She encourages all employees to be educated about their benefits, and know the resources available to them.

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