Christy Flesvig

The Glidewell Way: Meet Christy Flesvig, Director of Sales and Strategic Marketing

Featuring Christy Flesvig

I’m Christy Flesvig, and I’m the director of sales and strategic marketing for both Glidewell Direct and dental support organizations.

The culture and character of this company is so expansive because it begins with the employee, and it extends to the dentist customer and all the way down to the patient level.

Glidewell Dental President and CEO Jim Glidewell’s No. 1 passion is the patient, I believe. His goal for almost 50 years has been to provide affordable dentistry for the patient.

We do life-enhancing restorations that truly affect patients’ confidence and perceptions of themselves. Then, when you think about the dentist as our customer, the innovation and technology that Glidewell Dental is providing for that dentist is done with the goal of enhancing patient treatment.

But it really all starts with the employee and with the environment here at Glidewell Dental.

I’ve worked at many large corporations, and I have never worked at a company that cares so much about the employee, as far as providing a great working environment. We have on-site dentists, doctors, acupuncturists, a cafeteria that provides affordable meals and an on-site gym, which I use almost every day when I can sneak away and get a mile or two in. Working at Glidewell enhances my life.

The benefits are amazing, like the opportunity for a 401K to save for my own retirement. There isn’t one thing about this company that isn’t looking out for the benefit of the employee. It’s just a happy place to work.

I’ve had some fun rides in my career, and this could be one of the best, the most wild and the most disciplined at the same time. I’m just happy to be a part of it.

The Glidewell name will continue to be a brand that everybody knows as one of the most innovative companies in dentistry, moving forward and 50 years from now.

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