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The Glidewell Way: Meet Grant Bullis, VP Manufacturing

Featuring Grant Bullis

Hi, I’m Grant Bullis, and I’m vice president of manufacturing at Glidewell Laboratories.

The really fun thing about working at Glidewell is we’re pushing the envelope every day and we’re trying to come out with a better material, a better way of doing something that’s going to serve the patient’s needs and the clinician’s needs better. That’s the really fun part of working here is we get to innovate so much.

You look back in the laboratory here, or anywhere else in Glidewell for that matter, it’s all CAD/CAM. If you were to be back here ten years ago it’s Bunsen burners and spatulas, now it’s CAD/CAM everywhere. We were one of the leaders in adopting CAD/CAM technology for the dental laboratories. We have the staff, the engineering, the resources here to take someone’s idea and translate it into a product or a process, and the culture here is very supportive of that. They allow us to kind of color outside the lines and push the envelope.

It goes all the way up to the top with the owner, Jim Glidewell. He always wants something better, faster, more convenient, more affordable, and a product that serves the patient better.

But I mean we make some of the greatest products you’ll never see. Right? So, dental implants underneath the gum line, they’re in the bone. You’ll never see them.

We make the crown that goes on top. We make the abutment underneath the crown. We make the screw that holds it all together. We’re working on the cements that hold the crown on top of that, so you don’t see them except in your smile at the end of the day.

We take a really great sense of pride, and I think we’re proud, if anything, of the culture here is so supportive of developing new materials, new technologies, new ways of doing things.

At the end of the day, it is people who are innovating and people who have to come up with all these products. Glidewell provides all of the infrastructure, but it is the teamwork and the people that actually make it happen, and I’m very proud of that.

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