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The Inspiring Journey of Glidewell’s VP of Global Logistics

Featuring Anna Ameduri

When Anna Ameduri joined Glidewell Laboratories in 1988, she quickly discovered her place on a close-knit team dedicated to the company’s development, growth, and success.

Although she started off as a file clerk, she was absorbed into the shipping department doing order entry, packaging, and bringing cases in and out of the lab. In this role, she also found the freedom to explore Glidewell’s many different opportunities, as the company continued to rapidly expand.

As a new hire, she fearlessly began seeking ways to help, even if it was outside of her job description. Thinking back on some of her many accomplishments, she laughs discussing one of her early efforts to redesign the company’s packaging.

“Our case boxes are a huge representation of Glidewell. I knew we needed to make that change, and no one had pushed for it yet. So, I opened up a design contest to everyone in the company. Even today, I’m still passionate on how we present ourselves to the customer through packaging,” she says.

From the beginning, Anna’s “can-do” attitude led CEO and founder, Jim Glidewell, to call upon her for help in various scenarios that often had nothing to do with her job title, but everything to do with his confidence in her problem-solving skills. From delivery driver, makeshift building contractor, bookkeeper, and even temporary lab manager, there’s not a hat she hasn’t been willing to wear.

Breaking Barriers

anna ameduri fulfillment logistics

In 2004, Glidewell proudly named Anna as vice president of logistical development, which later became global logistics. With this new role, she became the first female executive at the company.

In her relentless path of achievement, she’s helped introduce automation to world-class shipping, made the fulfillment team its own department, began a contingency program for natural disasters, created a first of its kind customer recovery program, helped open the new Glidewell campus in Irvine, and is still constantly seeking and developing ways to provide the best logistical solutions and practices for customers.

Another one of her primary roles is working in transportation, contract negotiation, pricing, and helping the company understand the cost of handling a package.

“We are as much in the shipping business, as we are a dental solutions company. We have to find efficient and cost-effective ways to pick-up and deliver cases. It’s important to keep costs low, so we can relay those savings to our customers,” she explains.

Developing the Future, Now

As Glidewell moves into the future, Anna describes how automation is key in keeping the business on the path of success, especially when it comes to consistency and cost-effectiveness.

She remarks, “With consistency, we can utilize our milling centers more effectively and transfer orders through our own in-house cloud-based system. This helps reduce costs, while also providing faster shipping and a uniform standard for our dental restorations. The future of dentistry is digital. You can see this in action with our latest endeavor, the™ In-Office Solution. It’s already helping customers adjust by incorporating these new services into their practices.”

While there is a lot of change happening, Anna believes it’s a good thing. Before the technological boom, human error was much more prevalent.

“Technology has helped us move from using sharpies on white stickers for case identification and case routing, to system-printed barcodes which improves the order processing time and reduced errors. We are still a business that makes teeth. We just make them a little differently now,” she reflects.

Working as a Team

anna ameduri teamwork logistics

Glidewell’s team knows that adapting and advancing to the times is necessary. Always looking towards the future is something Anna says has been a dominant belief from the start.

From her experience, the collaborative environment that spans across all departments is one of the main contributing factors to Glidewell’s success. She attributes the “no-walls” culture of the company to Jim Glidewell, who encourages his teams to work together to make anything happen.

“I’ve spent 30 years here, and can say honestly say this team isn’t afraid to take on any challenge, because we believe in what we can do together. We’ve had so many great accomplishments as a company, and we know we can’t slow down. We are truly eager to lead the future of dental technology,” Anna says.

When asked what the most rewarding part of her journey has been, she speaks about her love of being a part of the Glidewell family, the company’s growth, and the implementation of Jim’s mission to make quality dentistry affordable and accessible to all patients across the world.

Anna is one of the many visionaries who helps Glidewell continue the path of advancing dental technology. Her passion to see the company succeed, and her determination to find solutions to current and future problems is something that has made her such a special component of why Glidewell is what it is today. With leaders like her on our team, the future is certain to be even brighter.

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