Glidewell Hires New VP of Sales, CAD/CAM

Interview with Robert Brenneise

During the summer of 1988, Robert Brenneise was searching for a way to make some extra money for his college expenses. 20-year-old Robert ended up landing a job as a sales representative for a dental company, which quickly turned into a management position. Almost 30 years later, he’s still in the dental industry, launching and implementing sales strategies for some of dentistry’s biggest names.

Recently, Robert relocated back to Southern California from Austin, Texas, after he was hired as Glidewell Dental’s new vice president of sales, CAD/CAM. Though he only started in December, Robert has already hit the ground running with Glidewell’s latest technological enterprise, the™ In-Office Solution.

Glidewell Dental Blog Team: Thanks for speaking to us today, Robert. As Glidewell’s new VP of sales, CAD/CAM, what are some of your major goals for 2018?

Robert Brenneise: Right now, my number one focus is honing in on the delivery, set up, and implementation of the Solution. It’s also my personal mission to welcome our new customers by supporting their practices every step of the way.

Beyond delivery and installation, our team is also working on a specialized curriculum for the system. We want doctors and their personnel to have access to more educational resources, so that they can successfully incorporate same-day dentistry into their offices.

GDBT: Is there a learning curve for new users of the Solution?

RB: There’s always a learning process with any new endeavor. Regardless of this, the system is so user-friendly, I think the biggest challenge a dentist might experience is getting used to a new internal workflow, which we are also there to help with.

One of the features uniquely created for this innovative suite of technologies is™ Software, which is a state-of-the-art design and communications tool developed to alleviate a lot of doctors’ worries about getting into same-day dentistry.

Utilizing artificial intelligence trained from millions of our restorative cases, our intuitive software further streamlines the process by auto proposing crowns for each patient. The Software also includes a direct portal to Glidewell Laboratories, should a doctor want to prescribe a lab-made restoration, or communicate an issue.

Our team’s hands-on demonstrations at the Glidewell Dental Symposium and the Greater New York Dental Meeting had doctors agreeing that with the right technology, and the right company by their side, practicing same-day dentistry is a relatively easy process.

GDBT: As the market for digital dentistry continues to become increasingly more competitive, what other advantages can doctors expect from the Solution?

RB: Simplicity, reliability, accessibility, flexibility, choice, and support: these core values represent why the Solution is the future of same-day dentistry.

We have the only system that can mill BruxZir® Solid Zirconia, the number one prescribed full-contour zirconia in North America. This is a huge advantage to dentists, who can now have a fully sintered BruxZir crown ready to go in under 40 minutes.


Our partnership with Align Technology is something that’s also an enormous benefit for doctors and patients. By pairing their iTero Element® intraoral scanner with the rest of the system, we’re merging together two of the most innovative companies in the industry to bring customers a simple solution for same-day dentistry.

In addition, our system allows doctors to have complete control over their workflow on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to give clinicians another tool in their toolbox, whether that’s designing and milling patients’ crowns in-office, or sending their digital scans over to Glidewell for a lab-made restoration.

GDBT: What question do doctors ask the most when inquiring about the system?

RB: How will this fit into my practice?

While same-day dentistry has numerous benefits, like better patient acceptance, minimizing no-shows, and eliminating the need for temporaries, for most doctors, it comes down to one thing: the economics.

One of my favorite parts of the job is showing doctors the numbers. I like to break down what the dentist is currently paying for their lab-made restorative materials, and contrast that against what their profits will look like with the Solution. I think it is very powerful to see the financial opportunities and benefits, in addition to providing a better patient experience.

GDBT: How is Glidewell helping to change the perception of same-day dentistry? 

RB: We’ve made significant strides in limiting the cost of the equipment, increasing the ease of use, and understanding what a dentist needs in order to properly implement same-day dentistry into their office’s workflow. Even our packaging and pricing offers make a lot more sense to clinicians.

A lot of dentists are concerned that designing and milling crowns in-office will result in turning themselves, or one of their hygienists, into a dental technician. This has been one of the major hurdles in the adoption of digital dentistry. But, as I mentioned earlier, with the advancements in technology achieved with the Solution, we’ve eliminated that concern with Software, which does all the heavy lifting through machine learning.

GDBT: How is CAD/CAM changing the landscape of the traditional dental office?

RB: We’ve seen digital dentistry enter the lab, and now the dental office, at a dramatic rate. The dental technology industry is experiencing a snowball effect. Moving forward, same-day dentistry is only going to get more popular.

We are quickly venturing into a world where all doctors will practice same-day dentistry. Early adopters will have a competitive advantage, but in order to survive, eventually all dentists will need to offer these services.

Patients live in a culture focused on “the now.” We want things quicker, without jeopardizing the quality of what we are receiving. Offering the here and now, without cutting corners, will get more patients to say yes to the treatment they need.

GDBT: As a new executive at Glidewell, what do you think the company so far?

RB: This place feels 30 years ahead of its time. I’ve been in a thousand labs over the course of my career, but there’s nothing even remotely close to Glidewell. We try to invite dentists out here, because without seeing it for yourself, it’s difficult for people to imagine the strides we’re making in the creation of new tools, technologies, and materials.

It’s certainly an incredible place to work at.

GDBT: Well we are glad to have you on board! Welcome to the team, and thanks for speaking with us today.

RB: Thank you for the interview. I’m excited to be here, and I can’t wait to see what developments we will make over the next year.

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